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Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you for taking time to view the St.John’s CEC Primary School website It is intended as a handy reference for you. For full prospectus information, please download the PDF.

St. John’s is a Church of England (Controlled) Primary School which means that it was started by C. of E. deed in 1846. In 1944 it was taken over by the Local Education Authority, but still retains its church link through the Portsmouth Diocese who appoint foundation Governors to help manage the school. Christian principles underpin the school’s policies and culture, and good links with local churches enhance the spiritual development of the children. The result is a safe, caring environment where all children can succeed.

St. John’s is a Primary School which caters for children from rising five years old to eleven years of age. The work in each class is individually based allowing each child to work at the level of his or her ability. Therefore, in whichever class your child is working, he or she will be extended and challenged to fulfil his or her potential.

We hope that you will choose St. John’s in Rowlands Castle for your child. With your support we will do our best for your child. Please help us to make this a reality. The home – school agreement provides more detail of this relationship.

We are always available for consultation if you are concerned about your child’s welfare or progress. Please do not hesitate to come and talk with us if you have any worries at any time. With joint co-operation between school and home, we are sure that your child will make good academic and social progress. The time spent with us here should be happy and successful. We look forward to working together in partnership for the benefit of your child.